Two Sided With Wrap Around Labelling Machine

We have attained wide reputation in the market by developing best quality Two Sided Labelling Machine

Technical Specification:

  • Precise Labelling Of Single Side Or Double Side Simultaneously On Various Types & Shape Of Container.
  • Specific Module Provided For Proper & Accurate Spacing & Aligning Of Containers To Facilitate Labelling.
  • Machines Suitable To Accommodate Various Size Of Containers Without Any Change Parts.
  • Machine Direction: LHS TO RHS
  • Conveyor Height : 900MM±50MM
  • Overhead Stabilizing Unit With Spring Loaded Cushioning Mechanism To Adjust Product Height Variation In Online Production.
  • Additional Wrap Around Attachment For Applying Labels On 500ml And 1ltr Round PET Bottle.
  • No Bottle – No Label
  • Auto Label Calibration In Label Scanning Mode
  • Motorized Belt Or A Chain Spacer For Product Spacing In Both Off And On Line Feeding Of Products For Labelling.