Bopp Labelling Machine

We have attained wide reputation in the market by developing best quality Bopp Labelling Machine

Technical Specification:

  • Durable And Compact Design, The Machine Frame Is Covered By Stainless Steel Sheet, Anti-Vibration And Noise Absorbing Construction.
  • Rotary Machine Design, The Bottle Turret By Servo Motor
  • Control Cabinet Integrated In The Machine Housing.
  • Hot Melt Dispensing Contact Type Labelling System.
  • Label Cutting With Eye Mark As Well As Length In Mm.
  • Cutter Is Easy Adjustment And Replacement, Cutting At Any Speed With Precision.
  • Vacuum Drum Is Synchronized With Platform Rotation, Driven By Servo Motor
  • Label Web Tracking For Correcting Its Height And Guarantee The Consistent Positon.